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Retail unit roller shutters


What we recommended for Roller shutter for internally installation internally in Retail units.

  • Full access is required across the entire with of the roller shutter door for service repair and possible replacement.
  • Always use key switch controls of all window or combination window and door roller shutters.
  • Only use switches provided by roller shutter contractor.
  • These key switch should always be hold to Run (dead man operation)
  • Switch location should always have full clear view of roller shutter travel.
  • Never connect more than one roller shutter to one switch.
  • Do not use remote control for Internal roller shutters a keys switch control is best method of efficient and safe operation of your roller shutter.
  • If a client request a remote control operation because there is no space externally to install a key switch box. limit remote control to entrance / exit roller shutter only and us key switch fitted internal on all other roller shutters.

It’s your choice but

  • When clients have multiple staff over time operating roller shutters.
  • When client have internal fitted security roller shutter and have retail and displays items in the area around these roller shutters and also have movable displays and storage item in these areas.
  • Using fixed key switches is the best option for the client.
  • Operator must have and implement the own simple safe operation procedure to suit their particular site.
  • Operators must insure entrance / exit is free and clear of all and any possible pedestrian traffic before these close or open roller shutter.
  • Operator must always insure no objects can obstruct the roller shutter while closing.
  • Your roller shutter must be serviced and tested every 6 months please contact our service office
    to inquire about a annual service contract 018845240.