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Ram Barriers & Posts

As a result of the ever increasing requirements to help prevent Ram raids and roller shutter break-ins on shops, shopping centres, warehouses ect., all of which are costing substantial amount of revenue to all concerned, also such raids cause major inconvenience, disturbance, social consequences to these particular areas.

C&S can now offer the necessary equipment to meet the security requirement, which is aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain and can offer peace of mind and help prevent such Ram Raids and roller shutter break-ins.

Anti Ram Posts:
Locking by Chubb Locking / Padlock

Car Driveway anti theft Posts:
Locking by Chubb Locking / Padlock

All purpose Barriers:
Locking by Chubb Locking / Padlock

Roller shutters
Extra Secure Roller shutter Ground Locking Units

Anti corrosion Zinc Plate finish
Powder painted